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Mom loves her home, and her independence.

She does not want to move. Retirement and

assisted living facilities can be expensive. You

and your siblings worry about her safety, and

you know you cannot be there for her 24 hours

a day. Now you can both have what you

want. Mom gets to stay in her home, and you

get the peace of mind you need through Care Link Advantage.

  • We have real concerns when a loved one is living alone.
  • Are they eating properly?
  • Are they sleeping properly?
  • Are they wandering outside of their home when they should not be?
  • Are they taking their medications when they should?
  • And perhaps the biggest concern of all;  Are they "Up & About" and O.K. as they should be, or have they had a problem and/or a fall and are unable to push their PERS (Personal Emergency Response System) pendant to call for help?

Care Link Can Help you:

  • "Keep your loved one in their own home rather than move into a retirement, assisted living facility, or nursing home."
  • "Move Mom out of a hospital or assisted living facility and back into her home."
  • "Reduce in-home care visits by as much as 50%."
  • "Monitor medication usage on a daily basis."
  • "Give Mom back her independence."
  • "Relax and live your life without the constant worry and guilt that often comes with caring for a loved one."

How Does It Work?

  • We do an assessment with you and determine what concerns you have for your loved one, and what their unique living environment is.
  • We install the Care Link system quickly and easily as it is wireless.
  • We work with you to program "notifications" around areas of concern you may have such as wandering out of the home, forgetting to take medications, and a failure to be "Up & About" when your loved one should be.
  • We assist you in setting up the list of those to be contacted should the system need to notify you of any events or lack of events.
  • Your loved one does nothing. They just continue to live, as they did in their home.
  • You continue to live your life, knowing that if there is anything wrong, the system will contact you and the other caregivers right away. (Notifications can be via e-mail to your PDA, text message to your cell phone, or voice messages to any phone. Notifications are delivered simultaneously to all caregivers via their preferred chosen method of receiving them.)
  • Utilize cameras to determine the urgency of any "notifications" or simply to look in and make certain all is well with your loved one.

Care Link cannot prevent your loved one from having an emergency situation, but it can notify you right away so you can act on it immediately. Care Link cannot prevent your loved one from aging, but it can give you vital information (such as eating and sleeping patterns/habits) as they age, so that you can monitor their health and take preventive action to head off and prevent many unnecessary complications that can lead to deteriorating health and hospitalization.



Care Link Advantage